Seiyuu a Day

Junko Takeuchi

Yes, yes, she’s Naruto.  That is undoubtedly her most iconic performance.  But seriously, Takeuchi is one of the MASTERS of the young boy voice.  Other female seiyuu try and manage varying amounts of success, but Takeuchi is TOO good at it.  It is the perfect combination of huskiness and energy. 

And she can tweak that pitch any which way.  Even between Narutos (older and younger) she can make him sound convincingly older.  Then you have a voice like Sabo from One Piece that’s a lot rougher and huskier than say, Gon from Hunter x Hunter (which I’m still upset that she got replaced for the remake).

One of my favorite roles from her is actually Dieter from Monster.  The character’s pretty complex, starting out very brooding and quiet, but slowly as he starts to trust Tenma, he becomes much more open and affectionate.  It’s a rewarding experience, and Takeuchi shows that she can play two very different sides to a character.

My only regret is I’ve never really heard her play any adult women (I’m sure she has, I just haven’t seen the shows).  But that aside, I still really admire her work.

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