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Kouichi Yamadera

This guy can play cool SO WELL.  His performance as Spike Spiegel is PERFECT.  This.  This is what cool is.  Now for most of the stuff I’ve seen him in, he plays a lot of these types of characters.  Cool, cool dudes.

But then I’ve seen him in other stuff, and he’s got uncanny comic timing.  Like this guy in Tokyo Godfathers:

No, not Hana, although he could’ve totally played that role.  He played the taxi driver.  But Satoshi Kon seems to like him (along with Akio Ohtsuka and Shozo Iizuka) because Yamadera’s in Tokyo Godfathers, Millennium Actress (as the painter), and Paprika (I don’t actually remember the character, cause it’s been a while since I’ve seen the movie).

What most people don’t know about Yamadera is that he has an insane range.  In Kingdom Hearts alone, he played an impeccable Donald Duck, the Beast, the Genie, Sebastian, Mushu, and Stitch.  Uncannily accurate too.  Albeit in Japanese.

He’s the new voice for Zenigata, which is dope.  I also didn’t know he played Ryoga from Ranma 1/2, which makes me want to see that show even more.

Basically, Kouichi Yamadera is a really goofy guy (the Frank Welker of Japan) who can play smooth, cool bad-ass too well.

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